You are not just going to get some photos taken. You are going to be treated to a premium service designed to fit your tastes, preferences and lifestyle. At the end of this fun, easy experience, you will be handed some beautiful printed artwork, chosen by you, for your home. Read below to find out what will happen from start to finish when you book a portrait session with me. 

Step 1. Booking

Photographer Whakatane

I am available for portrait sessions from 10am -2pm Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and evenings on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Evening sessions are for taking advantage of the sunset, so in all cases need to start an hour before sunset (approx 4:30pm in Winter and 7pm in Summer). It helps to consider of what time of session and location is more suitable for younger members of your family.

If you have children in school during my session times, my advice is that this is a rare event that will be a nice break from their routine and it usually doesn't hurt to pull them out for an hour or two for your session.  Once you know when all your family members are available, contact me to arrange your session.

Step 2. Pre session

Photographer Whakatane

Have a look at my work (click here to view my gallery) so you can get an idea of what you want for your session. I will send you a very short questionnaire so I can plan your shoot to suit you perfectly in terms of style, length and colours. This is the time you start planning your outfits and location. What you wear will influence the colour tones and style of your artwork so it is worth taking the time to plan this element of your shoot. Click here to see my Pinterest board of clothing inspiration for you to browse.

I will also send you information and answer any questions you might have. If needed we can look at pictures of your outfits and home to better plan your portrait session.

Step 3. Your shoot

Whakatane Photographer

This is where the magic happens! With your input I will have planned the perfect shoot for you that is personalised to your family. Either I come to an agreed upon location (I can suggest several or I can come to your home) or we meet at my studio, where I take you through a set of poses and shots that doesn't leave you wondering what you should be doing - I guide you through everything from where to stand to what to do with your hands. You will be surprised at how easy it is and yet you will still look like yourselves.

When I have finished photographing you, you will have the option of viewing real examples of my display options, where you can touch and feel them and start imagining them in your home. This is the time we also book your design appointment if applicable.

Step 4. Design Appointment

Print ready_09.jpg

If you have a studio shoot with me, the chances are, we can look at your images then and there straight after the shoot and you can make your selection. Alternatively, if we have an outdoor session or you cant stay to pick your photos, I come to your home in the evening and play your photos to you in a slideshow with music, and you get to sit back and enjoy seeing your images for the first time.

We look through each individual image one by one and I help you choose your favourite images that will become original, beautiful pieces of art that you can hold and display in your home for generations.

All wall art comes ready to display or hang in your home, and I even offer the option of a professional hanging it for you. My collections of digital files start at $690 and wall art starts at $325. All artwork can be paid by credit card. Click here to view my product range.

If you do not like your images, I refund your money. This takes all the risk out of your decision to hire me.

Step 5. Pick up your artwork

Photographer Whakatane

Your artwork will be ready to be collected approximately 4-6 weeks after your design appointment - I will be in touch as soon as they are ready. 

My artwork is made from superior quality products supplied by industry specialists and come with a guarantee on their construction, something I am happy to backup with my own name; if your artwork gets damaged in any way, I will replace it in full with a new one.

Step 6. Display your artwork

Family Photographer Whakatane

As much as I love creating timeless family heirlooms for you, I love it even more when I get to see it displayed in your home!

Whether you hang it yourself or have my handyman do it for you, I would love to see a picture of it! Please send a photo of your artwork in your home to me at