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Love is timeless.

When I look at the portraits I have on my wall, I think about the ones that mean the most to me. These are the portraits of loved ones passed, of my family looking happy and beautiful, of my favourite people in my life.

These days, cell phone cameras mean we all have THOUSANDS of photos of ourselves accessible at the click of a button.  But if you were going to find one beautiful photo of your family to enlarge and put in the perfect frame to look at on your wall for generations to come, do you have one?

If you wanted to put a portrait on your wall of a loved one or furbaby, that showed them looking like themselves, but captured in a way that showed how handsome or beautiful they really were, would you have one?

I am a Mum of 3 boys, and recently we hired a photographer to capture our family. As well as beautiful photos of my family, I got a photo of me with my boys, all snuggled up, I actually look nice for a change, my bird nest hair looks good, the light is beautiful, the boys have no food on their faces, their clothes aren’t hideous, and I have to say this portrait is now one of my most favourite things in the whole entire world. I have it framed and sitting next to the bed and if my house was on fire it would be one of the first things I rescued. Of course my snaps of every day life and selfies of us having fun are valuable to them too, but when me and my cell phone are no longer here I want my boys to be able to have this same beautiful portrait of us all together.

My style is timeless

I am not a trend follower! I wear clothes that flatter me, but can be worn for years and still look good, I love timeless clothing! Before the “Scandinavian look” was a trend in houses, I had scrapbooks of white kitchens with timber accents, because I love the timeless quality of wood and white. When I photograph people and babies in studio, I am drawn to simple white backdrops, so the people can really shine. I don’t do props or colours that are trendy at the time, I photograph people and feel they are enough for the frame. When I create outdoor portraits, I ignore trends for colours, editing and props; instead I chase beautiful light, capture beautiful landscapes and work hard to capture the gorgeousness that you already have. I love creating portraits that don’t tell you what decade they were taken, by simply looking at my posing, editing and styling choices. Portraits that you will love looking at when decades have passed.

If you really get what I am talking about, and want to see what sorts of portraits you could have of your loved ones, keep looking through my website and get in touch so we can create something beautiful together.

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