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 Frequently Asked Questions

What does my gift voucher include?

All gift vouchers include a full portrait session, which is usually an hour to 1.5 hours, although newborn shoots take longer. You also have use of my studio wardrobe and props. All gift vouchers are different in what finished products they also include. They may include a matted 5x7” print, an 8x10” print, or a canvas print or even something else entirely. Make sure you read your voucher carefully and just give me a call if you need extra information.

Can you come to us? Or do we need to come to you?

I have a studio which is great for your indoor portraits. If you would like outdoor, I can travel to wherever you like within a 25km radius of Whakatane. I can also travel further but there may be a travel fee.

Can we include Grandma/siblings/inlaws/the dog?

I often get asked if I mind if a couple of extra people come to a family shoot, or if family/siblings can be included in a newborn shoot…And the answer is: the more the merrier! You are investing a lot of time and energy into this portrait session, and you will have them forever, and it is important to me that you include your “Most Important People” (or pets). Just be aware that the more people there are, the more combinations I have to do. I have photographed up to several families at once and it was awesome. My only request is please let me know prior to the shoot (you will be asked in the preshoot questionnaire) so that I can make a shoot plan that includes them.

Do you sell digital files?

Yes I do. You can either buy a collection that includes digital files, or you can purchase a USB for $250, which gets you the digital files of whatever you order in artwork. For example if you buy 2 canvases, it is $250 for the digital files for the 2 images you ordered as wall art. If you buy a collection of 6 canvases or framed prints, it is $250 to get the digital files for the 6 images you ordered as wall art.

If you buy my 10x10” album and display box, you get 30 digital files included.

How long does it take to receive my artwork?

After your portrait experience, I try and send you a link to your gallery within 24 hours of your shoot (excepting weekends). Once you have decided on your products, allow 4-6 weeks to allow your archival artwork to be edited, ordered and created. It is possible for it to happen faster, but it depends on lots of things.

What do we wear?

I try to tell people to wear anything that makes you look gorgeous, however I do recommend you try and avoid florals, patterns, stripes, labels and pictures. They can be very distracting from the main hero(s) of the portrait, which is you! Bright reds, oranges and pinks do not photograph very well either, as cameras struggle to pick up the detail on those colours and can end up looking cartooney. Once you are booked in, I send you a Pinterest Board for inspiration and then help you from there.

If there is something that “breaks all the rules” but it means something to you, wear it anyway! These photos are about you.

How do I do my hair & makeup?

I have found that the more effort you put into it, the more you will like your photos. Cameras have a way of freezing a moment, and capturing every little detail that you wouldn’t notice if you were with someone face-to-face. For example: when you are with your favourite person, think about whether you notice their pimples or moles, dark circles or wrinkles! I would take a guess and say you probably don’t notice any of that, because you are looking at their eyes and you see the beauty within. But the second it is frozen in time on a picture, those little things that don’t matter can sometimes distract you.

I always tell people that regular makeup looks like no makeup on camera, and heavy makeup looks like regular makeup on camera. Just chat with me if you have any questions and if you do have a noticeable scar or birthmark that you want edited out of photos, please let me know, otherwise I will assume they are totally good and left how they are.

What will this cost me?

It all depends on what you order after your shoot. You do not have to decide anything until you have seen your images (nor is there a minumum spend), however most people invest between $700-$2000 for their custom heirloom products and digital files. Click here to see examples of my products & pricing, and here to see my current special offers.

Can I purchase this gift voucher for someone else? E.g. my son or daughter, or a friend…

Yes you can, however due to the fact that there will be many beautiful photos to choose from and they are likely to want more than one, it is a condition that you must pre-purchase at least my smallest collection for them as well.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All gift vouchers and certificates are for a full portrait session. That means a full 1-1.5 hour portrait experience, which must be attended by both parents if applicable, for the gift voucher to be valid.

  2. In order to secure your studio session, a $50 retainer must be paid to secure your booking. If it is an evening or weekend, $75 is required. This will be refunded or credited towards any purchases after your session. If you cancel your appointment less than 3 days before the event or do not show up, you will not be refunded your retainer.

  3. You must book in a date with me before the voucher expires.

  4. I keep all images from every shoot permanently. HOWEVER, you have to expect files to corrupt from approximately 10 years onwards and the best way to preserve your photos is to PRINT them. I cannot guarantee to have a good copy of your photos and neither can you.

  5. You will see images from your portrait session within 48 hours of your portrait session unless it falls on a weekend or holiday, and you will be given 48 hours to select your images/products. If you wish to view them again, there will be a gallery reopening fee of $100.

  6. Only one gift voucher or certificate may be used per portrait session per family per year.

  7. Gift vouchers/certificates may not be combined with any other offer or voucher, cannot be redeemed for cash or any other goods, and are not transferable. Cannot be used other than as described.

  8. Special offers cannot be used to purchase portraits from a previous portrait session.

  9. Special offers and gift vouchers cannot be combined with newborn mini’s or any other mini sessions.

  10. If you are purchasing a gift voucher for another person (i.e. you will not be in the photos, and/or the recipient is required to pay for any additional photos on top of your gift voucher), then you must also pre-purchase my smallest collection at the time that you purchase the gift voucher.